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Thursday, June 29th, 2006

Time:8:48 pm.
Mood: sleepy.
Just had one of those lovely sleepovers you share with your closest friends. And obviously, I got no sleep. Whatsoever. Maybe two hours, max. I ended up listening to my iPod til 7:00 a.m. in the morning. I guess I can only sleep well when I'm alone. I'm too picky with my sleeping environment.

So now I am dead tired.

At least it's summer, so I have time to nap. I napped like six hours today to compensate my terrible lack of sleep. Summer = good. But for some reason it makes me feel terribly aimless. Makes me feel a tad insecure. Or maybe I'm always like that. Nonetheless it's a well deserved break from the June culminatings and exams. Which I screwed up on. Miserably. Maybe it was arrogance, but whatever. I bombed the data management exam, did okay on Anthropology, and screwed up Physics. Of course, this is "giftie-failing" but it's still rather depressing. Oh well, I will work harder next year. Fighting! Funny how many random sentences you can shove into one measly paragraph.

In the meanwhile, I have volunteering, summer school (yay ...) and a job! Yes, Lina finally found a job! The whole interviewing process wasn't terribly stressful. Concords isn't very demanding of its new employees, as in Lina has no relevant work experience. Now I can work towards earning enough money to go to Japan ^____^! Or at least buying that Monokuro Boo plushie I saw today at Centrepoint. Pigs are so awesome, and Monokuro boo is too cute to resist. I'm a sucker for plushies.

Goals for Summer:

- Learn to write better
- Become a good part-time cashier
- Sleep
- Ace Summer School Course
- Volunteer
- Prepare for SATs

A little overwhelming, you see. OH WELL. FIGHTING !!!!
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Thursday, January 5th, 2006

Subject:depressing winter day
Time:11:50 am.
wow, i haven't touched this journal for ages *pokes it hesitantly*

anyways, winter break. it's been ... a bit disappointing. i guess i was a bit too hopeful, expecting it to be a big bang and everything. instead, i'm being shut at home because every time i ask my parents if i can go and hang out with my friends, they rant at me for not spending enough time on my studies ... BLEH

just because i stay home doesn't mean i'm not going to procrastinate ; )

stupid high school and stupid homework over holidays. english essay is really bothering me right now. geez, how am i supposed to fit a literary essay in five pages, considering how each paragraph requires 4 quotes to support it and each of those damn quotes needs analysis. and english teacher wants it in courier new, the biggest font to ever exist.

die courier new.

*sigh* i need a job.
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Wednesday, October 19th, 2005

Time:5:58 pm.
Mood: bitchy.
I can't believe I did that.

What happened was this: woke up at 6:30 because somehow, I managed to get all the workload because my team members don't work and I can not screw up this assignment because then uh-oh, there goes my English mark. So I wake up at 6:30, and because of this, because I'm one of those people who can't sleep for 6 hours and think straight, yes even though I'm 16, and yes, it sounds incredibly ridiculous that I can't, I end up fucking my math assignment.

So I sound a little uptight, a freaky perfectionist, but I know, I know that I'm freaking falling apart cause I can't handle the stress. Three major assignments going on simultaneously, and I know I'm losing my mind.

I got to pull myself together.

Suicide seems like a nice option.

No, I'm not being serious.
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Thursday, September 1st, 2005

Time:11:21 am.
Mood: tired.
Haven’t posted in a while, but the real reason behind this is that my house had no internet connection for the past week or so.

Basically, what happened was this. On Friday, Toronto suffered from heavy and torrential rain and hail – and there was so much rain and hail that some streets flooded – for most cars on those streets, only their tops could be seen. The flooding was so severe that the drainage system was overwhelmed and part of Finch Ave. collapsed (I believe, under the weight of the water …). It actually wasn’t so bad in my area, though part of my street did flood. However, it was later discovered that our garbage can was obstructing the drain. Haha. The most damage the storm did to my house was partially flood my basement, though the damage is considered quite minor (the water barely came up to my ankle). Still, I spent Friday afternoon happily scooping water out of my basement and into my sink while watching the mud in the rainwater settle on the basement tiles and being overwhelmed by that nastiness of the smell. W00t.

All this contributes to why Lina didn’t have Internet access and currently feels rather deprived.

On the other hand, I have just realized how terrible I am at Critical Reading. Gosh, it’s driving me crazy because gosh, the questions force you to pay attention to every single, stupid detail in the excerpt. They also have these stupid, annoying questions about the implications made in the text, such as “what would the author think about so and so?” Grr, so sick of SAT.

My writing skills are so deteriorating. I need practice.

Stupid writing block. Grr. I have to make my stories sound less stuffy. Too many metaphors and literary devices.
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Friday, August 12th, 2005

Time:9:41 pm.
Mood: blah.

Ah, I love hospital work.

Wake up at 7:30 (during a non-school day! *gaspgasp*). Take the subway. Rush to the hospital. Do loooads of secretary work, such as filing, taking phone calls, looking confused because the all those secretary processes are pretty damn confusing, and frustrating patients because sometimes, you just have no idea what they're talking about when they approach the receptionist's desk.

On the other hand, meeting lots of nice people (who make me do tedious work, but ARE NICE!!) and learning lots of stuff (about kidneys and examination processes) - I volunteer at the nephrology out-patient clinic of the hospital.

I just realized how screwed I am for SAT the other day. So now I'm rushing through all that work. Except - because I'm rushing, I'm also missing a lot of fine details, and a lot of questions in SAT are based on FINE detail. Like those icky, annoying grammar questions that drive me C-R-A-Z-Y!! Grr ... must study harder!!

Also been ploughing through a lot of Asian dramas - ah, I adore those. Specially when the drama's starring some sort of good-looking asian guy >: 3

Also grown quite attached to oatmeal crisp.

Can't wait til' school starts. I can't believe I'm saying that.
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Sunday, June 5th, 2005

Time:4:58 pm.
I'm trying to do anything but finish my culminating assignment for history. *sob* darn those culminating assignments.

Anyways, time to ramble about my life. Wait, I have nothing to ramble bout exactly except that I need more mp3s. Sort of sick of the mp3s I have now cause I put them on repeat. Well, not sick of ageha CD songs by w-inds yet, but that's cause I d/l them last week. Still can't get it in my head that w-inds sang Lil' Crazy. IT seems crazily surreal because no, w-inds songs do not have raunchy lyrics. Even though it isn't that raunchy. Overall, good album, very addictive. Maybe it's cause I'm in love with Keita's voice. Ahaha.

Hating culminating assignment month because all those major projects are dumped on me when i don't feel like working. Currently in shut off mode. Love writing in fragments.

Need to finish stupid slideshow. so bored. UGhasdkfjlskf.

My life is just so darn exciting. I really need to take some time off and head to the mall. or sleep for 333333 hours. or go to a restaurant where i can pig out on chinese fried rice.

june is such a miserable month.
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Saturday, May 28th, 2005

Time:11:48 am.
Mood: frustrated.
Friday = lousiest day ever
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Tuesday, May 24th, 2005

Time:7:16 pm.
Mood: tired.
UGh, what a crappy long weekend.

On Friday, slept late reading Tsubasa chronicles - gah, Li and Sakura are too cute - and finished my silly, little jackdaw. On Saturday, spent the entire day mooning about and doing my Civics project ;_; which is basically a 30 page book - ended up getting a headache. Sunday, continued doing Civics project while procrastinating and downloading more w-ind stuff <33 Monday, finished all other homework and continued working on Civics project. Ended up sleeping at ... 1 am, which is why I was like ... feeling all whoozy all day long. Ugh, couldn't stay awake in art.

Still obsessed with w-inds. Wouldn't be if Keita Tachibana weren't so damn pretty. Maybe I'm being a little superficial here, but I don't know. I like art. Therefore, I appreciate beauty and all that good stuff. So I have the right to be superficial. What a lame excuse. Songs by w-inds so catchy. Catchy, catchy, catch.

My criteria for music isn't that ... choosy. As long as there's a good rhythm, catchy melody, and excellent vocals (I'm really picky when it comes down to music artists and their singing talents. Singers should be able to sing), I'd listen to it, even if the lyrics are ... not that great. As long as I can hum or sing along with it, I'm fine. Lyrics aren't my top criteria; I tend to focus on it or care about it after judging the other aforementioned criteria.

Okie doke, done rambling. I have a feeling I lost all my grammar and writing skills during the long weekend.
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Saturday, May 21st, 2005

Time:10:24 am.
Mood: weird.
Wow, creepy week. First few days, I was depressed as hell. Then I became extremely happy. Talk about mood swings.

Go Keita Tachibana, by the way.

I so need to stop embarassing myself in public.
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Monday, April 25th, 2005

Subject:I'm back, darlings!
Time:6:52 pm.
Mood: satisfied.
I'm updating for the first time in weeks. It's due to the fact that a) I'm lazy!! b) busy. Really.

I need to go and get myself Franz Ferdinand's CD <3 Anyways, bwuahaha, past few weeks were filled with mini-ipod goodness! And no-career-studies-ness! Yes, Career Studies is OVER. Let me repeat. OVER. And yes, I'd rather have civics with a teacher with humor than careers, where the teachers are just plain bland. In short, past few weeks = excellent. There was a long chain of sunshiny, nice, warm days (I had my share of vitamin D), got my report card (two 97's *does a jig*)

I sound a lot happier than I actually am.

Didn't really go to school today, unless sitting in class not doing anything and not getting homework and skipping class and going to the cafe instead counts as going to school. Out of sheer laziness and because I had little willpower to stay at school and do nothing in my biology class where only two people would end up turning up anyways, decided to go to chapters. Bought myself a book by Anne Rice just because I felt like it, after spending fifteen minutes deciding whether I should get a novel or manga (TSUBASA!). I'm not going to read the book just yet - going to save it for my trip to China because going to be awfully boring on the fourteen or more hour flight, and that does not include the time I have to wait at the first airport, or the second where I have to switch flights. Hmm, going to be lugging a lot of books to China this summer.

I'm done ranting.

Ahh, time to learn about Benito Mussolini and the rise of fascism. Goody.
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Friday, March 18th, 2005

Subject:romantic tension!
Time:6:02 pm.
Mood: chipper.
no, this journal entry has nothing to do with my nonexistent love life, but with the oh-so-lovely chinese novel i'm reading.

long story short - must write chinese book report for chinese class. spent hours looking for a novel. drove me to my wit's end. chose this novel which has many difficult words in it that lina must plough through and struggle with. ahh, bliss. realized 1/4 into the novel that it was a sappy, cheesy romance novel. too late to switch novel as lina = slow at chinese. now reading rather enjoyable descriptions of "pressing her lips against his" and "he held her closely" because "he needed her" and "she was his air" and "ahh, they kissed passionately!" in chinese, of course. great. not to mention that i also have to discuss this novel with the class.

updating my journal is a great way to vent and whine to people.


yes, i have discovered the joy of DDR. I've been playing with it throughout the entire March Break. I can only play light now though, because standard and extreme are just CRWAZY. only have two feet damnit!

March Break. so far, is relaxing but dull. Spend most of my time moping and mooning around the house, catching up on reading, reading this damned chinese novel, studying SAT vocab, doing art homework, which has been driving me crazy for the past few days, and of course DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION! *booya!* Bleh, I'll be back at school monday. *deflates* but friday signifies the start of another, albeit short, break aka Easter.

Wait, when's Passover again?

lalalala. okie doke. hungry now. love fragmented/incomplete sentences. awesome, no?
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Sunday, March 6th, 2005

Subject:cream cheese
Time:2:18 pm.
Mood: rejuvenated.
i must make a declaration!


... and his name ...

... is ...



cream cheese.

ahaha. Yes, I have learned of the wonders of cream cheese. And maybe one day, I'll find a real boyfriend instead of flinging random food products into the limelight and declaring it to be my oh-so-loving boyfriend.

anyways, riight.

Hmm, I have also learned that Michael Chan ... is ... strange ... and disturbing. Yup, during badminton practice, he pranced - well, sort of pranced - around yelling "Kitty is mine" (translation: Kitty is my mixed-doubles partner). Ended up frightening the entire badminton team. And when I went to watch them play (they were pretty good), he was like "Lina, come to watch the sexy, sexy team play." Very disturbing. Thank goodness I wasn't drinking water at that moment, or I would've choked.

Also very disturbing - Annie wearing make-up.

I can't wait till March break! Thank goodness Chinese is over - so three weeks free of Chinese school for me! I so, so need a break from all this homework the teacher's keep on giving me. Oh well, only one more week left. Then March Break. Then four days of school. Then Easter Break. And hallelujah.

I am so in love with life right now.

Okay, not really.
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Thursday, February 24th, 2005

Subject:...i want ice cream
Time:7:09 pm.
Mood: cynical.
I need some new songs on my playlist. I'm getting sick of "Come What May." Then again, I get sick of things rather easily. MUST BE ENTERTAINED, DAMN IT!

Anyways, stress levels are a lot lower now. That's a good thing. Yesterday, my heartrate was twice as fast as it was a week again - not good - my eyes felt all ... squishy and crinkly and strained, and had a jolly good headache. everyone loves the word jolly.

yup. Hmm, guidance counselors are strange. Apparently, they think things by word - literally, to be precise. Yesterday, I was complaining about how I was being bogged down by tons of homework, how I'm getting all stressed out and suffering from immense fatigue to my fellow classmates in Careers. Then I claimed jokingly that I would throw myself down the twelve story floor of some unspecified building while screaming "TOO MUCH HOMEWORK." Ended up receiving a bunch of wishy-washy concerned looks from teacher, aka. guidance counselor. I wondered why he took it ... so literally, cause I was SMILING obviously when I said it, which automatically meant that the comment was intended to be joke. Usually, people don't SMILE when they claim for real that suicide is the best path for them - oh no, they don't smile - they moan and weep and wallow in self-pity.

Also ended up in art class listening to a song that went along the lines of "cow is back" or something of that sort. I wonder where my friend gets all these songs. But I adore my art project! I get to design this fairy-like portfolio cover. Ahh. Probably the only good thing in life right now.

Bleh, why does semester two drag on so?
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Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005

Subject:...death is preferable
Time:6:25 pm.
Mood: stressed.

killmekillmekillme. or i can throw myself down a building. either would be nice, considering how careers is ... such torment! ...

No, I am not an angst-ridden teenager. Funny how I'm doing a project on stress-management ... that IS GIVING ME STRESS! ...(scowl).
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Thursday, February 10th, 2005

Subject:w-inds fever! > P
Time:7:31 pm.
Mood: blah.
Currently hooked on w-inds. They're so cute! Especially Ryohei and his awesome smile of doom and Keita's five-octave singing powers. Okay, sure.

Currently trying to procrastinate and not do boring homework. Why on earth is there a subject called careers studies and why on earth was it made compulsory? Uber silly and stupid and ridiculous. That's great. I don't need help planning my life. And that's great, I don't really care about the crappy universities in Ontario, except for U of T.

Yup, there are like ... no gifted kids in any of my classes anymore. that's tragic. I only know like ... 3 people max (gifted) in each of my classes .. except for history, cause that's still gifted. terrible! yes, i like making academic kids look inferior, and i will now sit on my throne while spitting out arrogant words in a beautifully arrogant tone. just kidding. honestly. am not that mean, and don't give me those funny, doubting looks. i am kind! look at all the trees i'm trying to save! look at my not-so-menacing smile!

but i digress.

also gone through this entire math and art epiphany thing where i realized that my math skills are deteriorating as well as my art skills. bleh. well life is getting ridiculous. 3 days into the semester, and i'm already bogged down by homework. UNFAIR!
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Sunday, January 30th, 2005

Subject:almost break time =)
Time:12:37 pm.
Mood: happy.
Yes, three exams over and one more to go! and since it's only math, i'm not going to study for it ... at least not as seriously as i did with science, english and comp engineering. what's ironic is that they leave math in the end, and math is the easiest subject to be testing for ... because all you need to know is the concepts. geez, couldn't they shove english last so at least i can prepare my outline better?

basic overview of exams. science = pretty good since gifted classes are better prepared and the test is academic, comp eng - not so good cause i suck at it, and the only thing that i didn't really study was programming! and 90% of the test was programming. eh, at least i got my programs to work. thank goodness. english - okay, not sure how well i did because i was expecting a different thesis. ah well. hopefully, i'll get at least an 80 on it. the stupid essay format is pissing me off. it's so damn friggin repetitive. geez.

ah ... r&b songs are taking over my head, and i don't even like them! they're just so catchy though. gah, catchiness!

good news! because my math exam is on monday, and there are two more exam days, and then a mark confirmation day (half day) and a p.a day on friday, i get to take a jolly, good break. bwuahaha. *insert evil cackle* i get to miss 3/4 of the week. isn't that charming?

i am now obsessed with the word "dismal."

yes, go me.

need to spend more time reading. i really, really want to read "time traveller's wife" and "east of eden" i'm going to try reading some more modern books now. partly because i've reading too many classics. the waves by virginia woolf is such a strange and perplexing book, in a good and bad way.

EDIT// haha, here's a quiz that i took for fun, introduced to me by who else but annie bananie. yes, i know you're interested. : )


Created by alison and taken 8643 times on bzoink!

current clothingsweater, pajama pants, ahaha
current moodhappy
current tastesaliva?
current hairstraight and fragranted with pantene shampoo
current annoyanceessay outlines
current smell... nothing really
current thing you ought to be doingpractice
current jewelrynothing
current bookanna karenina
current refreshmentwater
current worrynothing really, or simply being blissfully ignorant of all worries
current crushmango gummies.
current favorite celebrity... um, nicole kidman
current longingmango gummies
current musicfranz ferdinand - take me out
current wishto get a's on report card and more books to read
current lyric in your headmoulin rouge - your song
current makeup (if you're a girl!)um ... anti-perspirant? ahaha.
current undergarmentsfrilly ones. haha, i lied.
current regretnot preparing well enough for english
current desktop picturea rose ... with water droplets
current plans for tonight/weekendsleep
current cuss word du jourbloody hell
current disappointmentenglish mark
current amusementtaking this quiz
current IM/person you're talking toannie the bananie
current lovemango gummies
current obsessionrandom fanfiction/mango gummies
current avoidanceprocrastinating
current thing or things on your wallposters of rpg games
current favorite bookum, i don't know. i have many
current favorite moviemoulin rouge

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Created by andy and taken 7726 times on bzoink!

+ Basics +
Are you emotional :somewhat
Do songs make you cry? If so, name a few :no
What about movies :yes - cold mountain, some chinese movie i saw a few months ago
What emotion do you usually feel :angry or sad
+ Sadness +
What does it take to make you cry your heart out :being unable to do something, bad marks
How many times have you done that :many, many times
Where do you cry :wherever i feel like it
Do you hate crying :somewhat
Do you like it when others cry :no
Do you think tears make eyes look pretty :...er ... no
Who looks good when they cry :actors! such as brad pitt. yes, go brad pitt
How else do you express sadness :oh, woe is me! everything has gone gray, empty, so terrible!
Are you sad all the time :no
+ Anger +
What does it take to make you mad :people bothering me when i don't feel like being bothered, people being arrogant, people blaming me for stuff i didn't do
What do you do when you're angry :sulk and scowl and give a look that says "back off or i'll kick your arse"
How short is your temper :pretty short ... about an inch
How long does it take you to calm down :15-30 minutes ... well, it depends
What's the worst thing you've done when you were mad :not much besides saying a bunch of mean things to people. most of the time, i just sulk.
Do you freak out when others are angry :not really. i get angry myself when they do that
Has anyone ever recommended anger management to you :nope
What's the worst thing someone's done to make you mad :don't remember
Do you anger people :of course
+ Joy +
How often are you happy :pretty often. i'm chipper a lot.
What makes you happy :... um, such things are inexplicable?
What do you do when you're happy :jump around and act hyper and talk a lot
How optimistic are you :not much
Do happy people make you mad :no
What's the worst thing someone can do while they're happy :i have no idea
Ever been so happy you were dying to tell everyone :...not really
Ever been so happy you cried :nope
Do you smile a lot :yes ... a crazy, maniacal smile. yes
Kiss people a lot:...i'll pass
Who really makes you happy :my imaginary boyfriend
Do you like doing things for people when you're happy :in a way, yes
+ Fear +
What do you do when you're scared :not much
What scares you :er, creepy movies. walking alone at night outside
Do you like scaring people :yes...bwuahaha! i am the boogeyman.
Do you like the trill of being frightened :sometimes
Does fear accompany anger in your case :no
Ever been so scared you couldn't breathe :no
How often do you panic :a lot ... especially for my grades
What's the one thing that scared you more than anything else EVER :bad marks
What do you do to calm your nerves :think happy thoughts. like sunshine and cloud strife.
Do rollercoasters scare you :used to, not anymore except for top gun. that's scary.
+ The strongest emotion +
What song never fails to get your strongest emotions going :a lot of songs ...
Movie :any movie that involves heartbreak
Commericial :...don't know
Person :my imaginary boyfriend
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Sight :the ocean ... of doom!
Sound :sad or haunting music
Food :mango gummies
Thing you're looking forward to/want :valentin'es day where i can spend time with my imaginary boyfriend
+ What do you do +
When the emotion suck :scowl
When the emotion rocks :bounce around
When there's no emotion :sleep
+ Would you rather +
Never feel again :yes
Feel loneliness or anger for the rest of your life :haha, no
Be happy forever and never experience bad times :no
Cause misery :no
Feel misery :maybe
Be alone :maybe
Be with everyone you know :no ... that'll be creepy
+ Who +
Cheers you up more than anyone else :my mango gummies
Angers you more than anyone else :... some people?
Scares you more than anyone else :the boogeyman
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Makes you really care about how they feel and what they think :my friends/parents and my imaginary boyfriend

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Tuesday, January 18th, 2005

Time:7:15 pm.
Mood: sick.
life, in short, is getting a tad too ridiculous.

first, homework pileup. god. english is killing me. so is computer engineering. die homework! die! bury yourself in a hole somewhere for the sake of humanity. stupid diorama. stupid dramatization. stupid paragraph. stupid programming project. grr!

on the other hand, life decided to go against me today ... by MAKING ME SICK! god, i feel half cold and half boiling hot as if hell has decided to settle comfortably in my head. evil evil sickness-ish. and my head hurts ... like crap. GRR!

life, you are so SILLY! you are a piece of rubbish.

on the other hand, macbeth = good play. ending sort of sucked. not as dramatic as i thought it would be. eh well.

good news. replenished stock of mango gummies. yup. deliiiiicious.

getting off comp now. eyes are burning from staring at the comp screen.
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Monday, January 10th, 2005

Time:7:26 pm.
Mood: exhausted.
January, I swear, is the evilest month of all.

I have so much bloody homework! Gah, just because the teachers suddenly realized that "oh, it's January, and exams are going to arrive briefly, so let's shove a bunch of culminating assignments at them!" i'm not saying that my teachers are bad, but the homework is driving me insane. i have a big building assignment thing in computers, a lot of math homework, a big presentation due in english (a dramatization of shakespeare's macbeth), and a mousetrap car/lab report due in science. and all of this must be done in a week + extra daily homework! *scowls*

moulin rouge is so poisoning my mind. and i hate writing blocks. die!

dad is blaming me for stealing his stashes of gum. *whistles innocently* i can't help it! dentyne ice is so very good. yes, yum. delicious. wonderfully delightful.

so sorry, annie - i won't have time to draw your pic for quite a while.

blame the month of january.

now, science lab report.

someone, kill me now! it'll be like euthanasia.

i'm just kidding, by the way.
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Wednesday, January 5th, 2005

Subject:don't be fooled by the rocks that i've got (just to copy annie's title)
Time:5:19 pm.
Mood:obsessive compulsive.
ergh, so tired. i don't get why i'm always so tired. i yawn through math class. i yawn through computer class (expectedly cause it's so boring), yawn through english class, and yawn through science class. kind of ridiculous. and i'm sleeping for adequate hours. 7 hours approx.

on the happier note, whee! ffx-2 rocks my soxorz. yup ... yuna only needs 2 more points and then she's done gunner =) although annie just had to be cruel and suggested that it was time to train her as a gunmage, which is a dull and boring dress sphere because it's a lot like kimahri, and i hated training kimahri, and has boring abilities, unlike gunner, which has trigger happy. bwuahaha. and rikku is a fully trained white mage now, and paine's almost done warrior. yup.

haha, me and annie are so bosom friends. fear our bosomness! and our singing of "jenny from the block." yup, when she came over, we just burst into that song all over the place. we're so five years old, and people kept on staring at us. haha, go shamelessness.

must concentrate in studies. gah. must concentrate. i sound obsessive compulsive. i probably am. must get better marks ..... gah ....
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Saturday, December 25th, 2004

Subject:ahh ...
Time:2:18 pm.
Mood: cheerful.

Ah, Christmas. Ergh, I've been feeling so terribly tired for some odd reason - I don't know why. Every time I wake up, my brain feels all ... oozy, even though I feel like I've slept enough. Strange. Oh well, there's a party tonight, which is good, cause it means that I can play my ps2 for the first time since who knows when. FFX-2, I've realized is frighteningly addictive, even if all the characters are so scantily clad, and I'm still shocked at what Square Enix did to Yuna. She no longer seems like the girl who said "the wind - it's nice" in a quiet, almost inaudible voice (or I'm just deaf). But the battle system! The happy trigger command! Ahh, they're so fun to use! and watching Yuna's strange one-sided skirt float around as she swings her arms and runs so very strangely. I probably like Paine the best out of all the characters - and Nooj is awesome! He's a tree =) And what's with LeBlanc ... O_O Anyways, I have a new game that I want to get. The Urbz ... bwuahaha simply cause I got hooked onto the Sims a few months ago, and it'll be something to entertain me during the Kingdom Hearts 2 wait. Happy Holidays to the very few people that come across this boring livejournal =)
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